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An Exhausting Journey through Moist Forests - 86%

TikrasTamsusNaktis, January 17th, 2013
Written based on this version: 2010, 12" vinyl, Independent

Fell Voices are categorized as a drone/ambient black metal band. I can definitely see the Ambient black metal tag being placed under them but the drone tag not so much. For me at least, drone contains heavily down tuned guitars and a very very slow pace to the song. Sure Fell Voices does have some rather slow parts to their music I wouldn't consider them drone. On the other hand, ambient black metal could be the perfect description for that. There is definitely an incredible atmosphere that is created by this group. The album has a very raw and primitive feel to it and is a joy to listen to.

One of the reasons Fell Voices are a joy to listen to is the fact that the riffs that are used on this album not one of them is poor. They are all memorable. Fell Voices really like to pound the rhythm into your head by playing these passages over and over and over again. They are definitely one of the best black metal bands at creating a trance like atmosphere. The first song simply named "(untitled)" has a little more variation than the second song in terms of the different riffs and the changes of pace. Overall it is more aggressive and chaotic. The second track also called "(untitled)" is a song that definitely embodies the whole essence of creating a trance like atmosphere. The first half of the song goes along more like the first song but around half way through there is an eruption of super intense playing that finally concludes with a riff pattern that is repeated over and over again for the next several minutes. Now I want the listener to close their eyes at this point for the rest of the song. This is probably the best example of "trance inducing black metal" at this point that I have ever come across. It is absolutely phenomenal. It is hard to describe. I find myself closing my eyes and drifting off and bobbing my head to the steady repetition. It eventually picks up to an extent where the drums come back in very viciously and then it all dies down and ends with a sombre piano piece at the very end.

Another amazing thing to note about Fell Voices is Mike their drummer. Now if anyone has ever imagined what their favourite imaginary metal band line up would be this relatively unknown Mike guy would easily be my hands down number one pick. From some of the incredible fills to the intense aggression that he unleashes on the kit is insane. Just watch some of the videos of Fell Voices playing live. He is the most intense drummer I have ever seen. Every time he hits the kit it is like he is hitting it as hard as he can. I don't know how he has the strength to play songs of this length. It is superhuman. On top of that he is one of the vocalists in the band and live he just screams over everything. No Mic. Now obviously a mic was used to record this album but just keeping that thought in the back of your mind as you are listening to this album is amazing.

Overall Fell Voices are one of the best "Cascadian black metal" bands and possibly the most unique. The way they can manipulate and induce trances in the listener is second to none in the black metal community in my opinion. This is definitely an excellent listen and highly recommended if you can get your hands on it.