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Gargling with this album non stop! - 95%

OscarLopezMotivador, March 2nd, 2019
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Base Record Production

I was not really familiar with Fecal Addiction. I came across this band a few years ago, just when they released this album back in 2016 and boy was I blown away.

The production quality is almost perfect for the genre, you can hear everything in the mix perfectly and it has a groove that you will make you dance from the beginning. The opening intro "Prelude to human degradation" is a sample from the movie The Help, specifically the "Eat my shit" bit that is really well known. After that 1 minute intro, your head will be crushed with the opening riff for Gargling with own feces, for sure one of the better written songs of their entire catalogue, followed by the song "Engorged with human waste" . At this point of the record you know that it is one of the best albums that ever came out of Costa Rica.

The vocals are like nothing I've heard before, Stefano delivers an intense vocal performance that has that organic vibe no pitch shiftter can. That is what makes this work, the fact that his vocals are 100% natural, no effects, I have seen them live a couple of times and he sounds even nastier, now. The guitar tone here is something that will make any guitar players who listen to this record turn green of envy, it sounds that amazing. And the funky sounding bass Fecal Addiction achieved on this record simply is the element that it needed to be what it is, simply beautiful.

The drumming on this album is light years from what it was on the previous album Toilet fetishism, it was a huge leap for Roberto, he really improved himself and delivers a hammering experience that is just enough to crush your skull into bits but then switches to groove patterns that you will not hear anywhere else in the metal music in general, an example of this is the song Golden Shower, it has a latin reggaeton-ish beat that will just make you tap your feet to it even if you don't notice it, that song live is a crowd pleaser as people will dance to it every time.

I give it a 95% to this recording because I never expected to be this good, blew my mind, there has been 3 years since its release at the time of me writing this review and I still get goosebumps every fucking time I put it on.

All time favorite.