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Pitch perfect grind - 87%

junkyardgod, April 24th, 2011

It's rare that I come across a relatively new grindcore band that truly blows me away. That's not to say that I don't like and support up and coming bands, but most that I find are good and not great; they don't stand out from the pack if you will. Feastem, on the other hand, are definitely not one of those bands. Sure, they're not doing anything groundbreaking here, but their style of old school crust and grind is executed perfectly, and it's utterly palpable. And they're from Finland, too. Home of fellow grinders Rotten Sound. So yeah...

Fear In Concrete has got to be one of the best grind records I've heard in years. They keep the songs short, simple, and oh so sweet. The riffs on this beast are so catchy they make me wish this style of music was more contingent with dancing. And as dancing is usually associated with happiness, another note that makes me smile is the Trailer Park Boys sample in "The Face That Feeds The Hand" by the one and only Jim Lahey. Any band that incorporates TPB samples into their music is cool in my book.

On to the actual music. Feastem's style is most akin to the early Napalm Death and Nasum style of grindcore. Songs are short, fast and in your face and have just enough twists and turns to keep you listening. If you listen closely there are even a few old school thrash and death metal influences in there as well, which always makes things interesting.

I feel that Feastem may be more accessible for music fans who are unfamiliar with the genre or find most grindcore to be too intense and mind numbing. The songs are structured very well and are coherent and catchy to the point of being almost pop-ish, as far as grind is concerned anyway.

These guys are a must listen for any fan of grindcore or anyone who's ever wanted to understand the genre but could never quite grasp it. Just pop it in, turn up your speakers, and start banging your head. It's impossible not to. These guys need all the exposure they can get seeing as I've never seen them featured on any website or blog. So go grab it, love it, and tell your friends!