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My Confession of Hatred - 64%

Angry_Malmsteen, February 9th, 2007

What are my general thoughts about this album? It doesn't get any more cookie-cutter than this. The music isn't that bad but there's a severe shortage of variety on this record. The music sounds very bland and watered down, infact not a single song really leaps out and grabs my attention here because they all sound the same. The drumming is pretty technical but suffers from an overuse of the same blast beat patterns. The guitars play the same tremelo picking DM riff for every song. Speaking of which, the guitars are a little too low in the mix for my liking and that makes them harder to hear. They sound a little weak and
flabby as well.

Maybe this album takes a long time to digest but I've listened to it enough and I have a pretty good feel for it by now. Maybe I will like it more after listening to it a hundred times but still nothing strikes me as being unique here. "Human Camoflauge" is the template track from which every other song on here is modeled, and it's also the last track on the CD. I should have been the opening track, IMO.