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New label, Great album. - 94%

Justin_Bork, January 24th, 2007

Fear My Thoughts strike again, and the results are awesome. Their Century Media debut is what you'd expect from a band jumping from a small indie label, to a very large one; the sound quality is extremely good and everything about it screams professional, down to the albums promo pictures. Have they lost anything by moving up the ladder? No, but they sure as hell got better.

On every album, Fear My Thoughts musicianship keeps getting more and more impressive and on Vulcanus, they've really stepped up that aspect. Case in point: they took a few stabs at prog on this album, the Opeth-esque 'Culture of Fear' (not to mention the songs' length), the epic 'Stamp of Credence' and the album closer 'Wasteland' show Fear My Thoughts branching out their sound and trying new things (keyboards, off-timed riffs, lyrics that touch subject matter the band hasn't approached in the past) and for a band to really shine in 2007, this sort of thing is imperative. Other things they're doing new, is the southern style groove riffs, the tiny bit of falsetto vocal work, and two very Gothenburg-esque tracks 'Soul Consumer' and 'Lost in Black'. Also,The production on this album is ridiculous. The drums are so destructive and crushing and that guitar tone completely annihilates. This doesn't effect the softer, proggier bits, as even though the production is not what you'd expect for a sound like they go off for occasionally, it still sounds really pristine and clear. Without a doubt, the best sounding album of their catalog.

For those who came aboard on 'Hell Sweet Hell', all of that is still here. The Thrash, the chug, the snapping double kick and the catchy feel. That, in combination with the new additions makes Vulcanus a great example of why this band simply rules, and says alot for the German metal scene in 2007. Heaven Shall Burn's latest album was incredible, Neaera's last album dominates ect. With another album or two of this calibur, Fear My Thoughts are going to be modern masters of the metal scene. My only gripe with Vulcanus is, the double kick isn't nearly as fast and ferocious was it was on 'Hell Sweet Hell'. All that said, if you came on board with Fear My Thoughts on 'The Great Collapse' or anything previous and were put off with their change in direction with 'Hell Sweet Hell', Vulcanus pretty much expands on that albums sound and furthers themselves from their old hardcore days. Approach with caution. Vulcanus is ripping Metal.

Recommended Listening: Accompanied By Death, Survival Scars, Soul Consumer, Gates to Nowhere.