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Fear Factory before they became Industrial Metal - 86%

Laceration9000, March 9th, 2005

Now this isn't Fear Factory's first release (their first one was Concrete but was released in 2002) but it still shows how truly potential they are. This is Fear Factory before Demanufacture. That's right, they are just some other Death Metal band out there. But I have nothing against them in this album.

Here, we have 17 recorded tracks for this album. All of these songs are quite incessantly brutal but there are some melodies in some of the tracks. Standouts of SOANM are the opener Martyr, Scapegoat, Crisis, Scumgrief, and Self Immolation. Martyr opens up with a quite brutal riff that jumps into soft, but guttural grunting and then it starts getting aggressive. Scapegoat goes on relentlessly on how a person is wrongfully accused and took the blame for a cause gone wrong. The basslines here are powerful, the guitars get distorted, the drumming blasts up mercilessly, and the vocals are unforgiving. These songs all have the intensity and ruthless aggression that will send you falling into a bottomless pit.

SOANM does have its weak points. The production is very weak and I tried to put my CD player to the maximum volume. But it still felt soft to my ear and I wasn't happy. The production also made the drums sound like tin cans. That made me even more unhappy.

This is my review of the original version of SOANM. Finally there is a remastered version of this album with better and improved production. But then again, it is pointless already to get the remastered version. Oh, well...