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The factory hits the raves and night clubs... - 89%

Funeral_Shadow, February 20th, 2006

Wow... I must really say that this is impressive! This has to be the best remix album of a metal album around. Many people bashed this album as being some "money grabber" or some waste of time making "techno" remixes, but it isn't. People cannot realize how hard it is to make remixes of songs, and at that, remixes of metal songs. I love the original Demanufacture songs, but I also love some of these tracks here... it's an interesting look at how a song can be changed and manipulated to be something completely different.

Now for those who say that this is just techno and whatnot... they obviously don't know what they're talking about. This is a blend of, indeed, some techno, but there are also trip-hop remixes, industrial, trance, hardcore (in the raving sense), and even some break beats here and there. So as it is, this is a very diverse remix album with a variety of dance styles and genres. This is unlike Fear Factory's last remix album "Fear Is The Mindkililer." That last remix album was, for the most part, industrial remixes of death metal songs (which ended up being interesting yet funny to hear an industrial beat with growls) and those tracks weren't as manipulated as the tracks on this CD.

To easily delineate each track, here's a list of how the tracks play out:

Remanufacture (Demanufacture): a techno remix which isn't the best track on the CD, but makes for a good opener on the CD. It's progressive and has multiple changes.

National Panel Beating (Body Hammer): this is a trip-hop style kind of remix which is one of the better remixes on the album. This is one of the most manipulated songs on the whole CD where the whole song, and even lyrics, are changed up. This is a very "chill back" track with it's piano chords playing throughout the music.

Genetic Cloning (New Breed): this is my personal favorite track on the CD. It's a trip-hop/break beat style remix which has the "nu-metalish" main guitar riff constantly playing through the track non-stop. It's sure to get you "noggin'" your head to the infectious beats... yes, I said infectious, so what?!

Faithless (Zero Signal): this my favorite track off of the Demanufacture album but not on this album. It's a mix between trance/industrial and some break beats. It's a "soft" hitter to say the least on the album and it's not as manipulated as the other tracks are; it's just mixed over with some various beats and synths. The lyrics flow through the track as they had in the original song version. It's an intoxicating trip if ya ask me.

Bionic Chronic: This is an interlude track... if ya ask me, it's pointless. Skip it...

Cloning Technology (Replica): ahhh yes... this is the big hit single off of Demanufacture... and somehow, I never really liked the original song. Even on this album, you'd expect it to be a great remix song (well this CD is also known as "Cloning Technology" so you would assume so) but it's not a great remix. Replica has never really been such an energetic song and neither is this trip-hop version of the song,

Burn (Flashpoint): ironically, this remix is much more enjoyable than the original version of this song. This is a techno/breakbeat style remix which is a mid-paced fun track.

T-1000 (H-K): now let's talk heavy... this is the only track on this CD which is a hardcore remix (in the raving sense.) All you hear on this track is a heavy bass drum and the main riff in H-K being played. This is definitely the most energetic track on the whole entire album. If raving is your thing, then this is your track.

Machines Of Hate (Self Bias Resistor): another great track from Demanufacture gets dubbed into a fast techno remix. I'm not much of a big fan of techno but this really gets me listening all the time.

21 Century Jesus (Pisschrist): perhaps the most epic remix on this album is this techno/industrial dubbed track of Pisschrist. It's progressive and ambience which makes for a relaxing listen.

Bound For Forgiveness (A Therapy For Pain): the last of the remixes, which is an ambience track with trip-hop and industrial. It's the best way to end a remix album with a long, trippy song.

Refinery: this is the only track on this CD newly composed by Fear Factory, and it's nothing but an echoing sound. Eh... who decided to put this on the CD?!

The last track is an edit of the Remanufacture track. This is probably the track they decided to use to promote the CD on radio and whatnot. I don't notice much of a difference between this and the other Remanufacture track... well the only difference is that this is a shorter version of the original.

This is only for the open-minded who are looking to expanding their musical senses out of the metal boundaries. It's as Fear Factory explains this remix album: "Open minds shall dominate and breed." I could've not said it any better than that. This is a great remix album and probably the best one you'll ever find among metal bands.

Ear Candy: All of the tracks.