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ahh, albums with storylines - 70%

demonomania, November 11th, 2004

Not a bad album at all, but the combination of repetitiveness and cheese (sweet lord the last two tracks are shit - tastic) brings it down a bit. Tracks like "Shock" and "Obsolete" are why you are happy you bought it, songs like "Securitron" and "Hate -whatever whatever" tire you out, songs like "Timelessness" piss you off.

"Shock" is pure gold, one hell of an aggressive, angry song and the stop - start section at the end with Bell screaming SHOCK! is extremely headbangable. "Edgecrusher" is fucking sweet as well, an actual good use of scratching, I can see why they called it "acid scratching," caustic and hissing sound. I have always liked the more deathy side of Fear Factory as opposed to the melody, but Bell's singing does hold them apart from other death bands. Then again, it was also their downfall into cheese, and while "Descent" is a good tune, you can tell it forebodes dark times of rancid radio filth for FF. "Freedom or Fire" is a good, chaotic and speedy track, "Obsolete" is good as well with an intro by Mr. Gary Numan (who, by the way, is a kind of punky -new wave space alien wierdo whose album with the Tubeway Army is worth checking out), and a very entertaining chorus.

Overall, good, but the fear that Concrete - era FF will become Shitbag -era FF soon overwhelms the listener, and at the end there's no denying which era will soon be dominant.