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Machines of Hate unite and breed! - 97%

Funeral_Shadow, February 28th, 2005

This sweet little DVD is a must for any true fan of Fear Factory. The DVD covers everything Fear Factory, spanning their musical career, music videos, live performances, interviews, and misc. video footage... woohoo!

That's what I like about this DVD -- this DVD just doesn't include live footage or just music videos, it's a mixture of various footage and even bonus music tracks. Just make sure that when you pop this DVD into your TV/PC, you have a lot of free time ahead of the day because watching this can take almost half a day (well at least for me.) That's how much there is in this DVD, and it's not half-assed or boring.

It's like watching a movie, except it's a documentary of Fear Factory. If you played it like a movie, you'll see everything shifting from member interviews, live performances (old ones dating back to their death metal days and recent ones up to their nu-metal phase,) then back to some interviews/questioning, then a music video, then some misc. footage of the band on the road and being stupid, and so on.... etc, etc. The movie showcases everything in chronological order, from the first album released (Soul Of A New Machine) to their recent album at that time (Digimortal) so it's not a sloppy or disorganized documentary of the band. For someone like myself, this was some experience watching the DVD being I'm a huuuuge fan of Fear Factory and I've never actually seen Fear Factory perform live (I got this DVD when the band was inactive) and I never seen all of their music videos. I forgot to mention that the DVD has an excellent picture gallery ranging from fan art, to band promo photos, and so on. The DVD even offers nice wallpapers and screensavers for your PC which is always a nice treat.

With all the pro's of a release, there are the con's of course, and this DVD does have very little faults. I mentioned before about bonus music tracks (aka rare tracks/remixes) and yeah, the rare tracks really blows. I appreciate everything Fear Factory has done, even their nu-metal stuff, but these new/remixed/rare tracks really don't get me moving or entertained. Their nu-metal stuff was pretty good, but these nu-metal tracks are the really sucky kind of nu-metal which can compare to such bands like 30 Below Summer, Mudvayne and so on. I assume that's why most of these tracks weren't released on a full length or anything like that... humph, the band must have known that most of these tracks sucked.

This DVD is grand, and if you're a Fear Factory fan and don't have this in your little collection yet, then what the hell are you waiting for?! Get it and cherish it because this has got to be one of the best documentary DVD's of a metal band to come across. Even if you're not a true Fear Factory fan, this DVD is enjoyable to watch... either way, you'll be guaranteed to like it and might even become one with the Machines of Hate.

Eye Candy: Every little thing on this DVD is worth the minutes. Just try avoiding the audio tracks and you'll be just fine!