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Fear Factory- "Demanufacture" - 0%

danbedrosian, February 12th, 2012

If you've ever heard of this album you'll notice it's sort of popular. Well, I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know these guys actually wrote more than this album. The best way to put it is that this album is the "Hipster's Industrial Metal Album", but just like a new single from any irritating pop "artist", it's faded out. Probably because people woke up and realized that this album is awful.

We'll start with the vocals on this one. They sound very Max Cavalera-esque, and almost Justin Broadrick's Godflesh. Of course, these are just rip off's of it. Bell sounds like he's having issues when he sings. It's not pleasant on the ears and I listen to death metal too, so that says something. Trying to accurately portray his voice would involve a lot of unintelligent, the only way it's unintelligent is because he thought it was a good idea, screaming. The clean vocals are more bearable but it's hard to shine through the shit-smeared vocals commonly used. Ok, and the way he sings on "A Therapy For Pain" and "Replica". If you have a god start calling him awful because I cat being mutilated is more audibly pleasurable to a PETA member than Bell's vocals are on "A Therapy For Pain" to any human or should be to any human. He just sounds bad, plain and simple. Also, "A Therapy For Pain" is a tortuously long song. It's ten minutes but it drags on and on then they threw on some effects for two straight minutes and that's the worst song on the album in a nutshell.

The guitarists just sound uninspired. Seriously, the whole album is just palm muting and power chords. The same thing for three to five minutes. When "H-K (Hunter Killer)" started I almost expected to hear "Demanufacture" again. I've seen more variety from the various The Crow movies than these guys have when it comes to riffs. Any mongoloid can stand up there in a black t-shirt and cargo shorts, trying to look tough and fondling the guitar neck while they show off the one thousand palm-muting variations they came up with in their free time while head banging to the painful shouts of a man being beaten on stage. It's not impressive and it never will be. Maybe Fear Factory should just quit or change styles. As usual, the bass is buried under the mix. The drumming isn't as impressive as the guitars. It sounds like a drum machine was used since the music is very cut-and-paste oriented. Honestly, I'm just going to save you the same thing over and over because you'll hear it on the album if you don't heed my warnings to stay away.

The production is clear but the band probably needed it so you could hear just how repetitive the music is. There's a lot of effects on this album, but it's nothing to get excited about. It makes Bell's vocals sound worse, like on "Demanufacture". They also add no dynamic to the music. It's like they threw it in because they could not because it truly added anything. They appear in the form as pointless openers otherwise they're tossed in as is evident on "Demanufacture".

I don't like the lyrics on this album. The chorus to "Self Bias Resistor" is cheesy, especially paired with the clean vocals of Burton Bell accompanied with the annoying vocal effect. "Demanufacture" has some bad lyrics too. Espcially the "I've got no more goddamn regrets, I've got no more goddamn respect". Singing like that I'd imagine no one would respect you. Never have I heard anyone utter such foolish words such as "Burton Bell is a great vocalist" or "I draw inspiration from Burton Bell". The part that's worse is when he degenerates it into "Regrets, Respect". It sounds moronic, because it is. They seem to try and mix lyrical themes with something mechanic. It doesn't work and it looks like they tried too hard to make it sound cool. I also have to note on "New Breed" Bell sounds like he's chanting "War bred retard" and "New bride". Not even close to what the lyrics say.

Fear Factory tried too hard to be badass here on this album. These shit-smeared mongoloids have produced one of the worst metal albums to exist. The fame overshadowed the actual ability of the band. It faded out before they could ride it's coattails all the way back into social relevancy. Unless you, just like a one night stand, got drunk and got stuck with this forsaken problem-child are still listening to the other festering bowel movements they've released. If only you noticed it sooner then you could've aborted this fetal issue, but now you've let it get 17 years old and no one wants it. I don't recommend this album to anyone. Whether you're interested in listening to industrial metal or are and avid listener to industrial metal you can live without listening to it. I was going to be nicer to this album and give it a 2% but it wasn't even that good.

"I don't wanna live that way, I don't wanna live that way"- Burton Bell on Fear Factory's social relevancy.