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Well-executed black metal - 80%

UltraBoris, August 7th, 2002

For those wondering, there is little to any Dark Angel influence here. It's pretty much straight-up black metal in the vein of Megiddo or Bathory or whatnot... I'm not an expert at this, someone like Lord Vic could probably point out exactly what this sounds like. I also hear a bit of old-ass-Mayhem (late 1980s), as well as Black Sabbath, and Venom of course.

The quintessential black metal album for me to compare it to is "The Devil and the Whore" - it's similar to that, though the riffs aren't quite as thrashy and bludgeoning. More atmospheric, especially in the guitar tone, which manages to sound "evil" (or, to people that don't like black metal, they'll call it "shitty and underproduced", go back to listening to Sonata Arctica then!!).

My only complaint would have to be the drum tone - it's a drum machine, and it sounds just a bit too "happy" (ie not dark enough) compared to the rest. The vocals are very cool, and also the spots of lead guitar add a bit of spontaneous chaos, which I liked a lot.

There is an intro, an outro, three longer originals and a Venom cover ("Warhead") - I've never heard the original Venom song, but this cover sounds pretty good. I only listened to the whole thing once, so I can't really tell yet which is my favourite song, but they were all quite good.