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Well done, Faust - 86%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, May 18th, 2009

Faust is a heavily underrated band from Italy and they play death metal. Their career started in 1992 and so far they’ve only released one demo and this Mini-CD, “…And Finally Faust!”. The fact of having released just two small efforts during this long career is a thing that always astonished me and in a recent interview I made with the singer, I discovered that this problem is just because they always met difficulties with the labels and the musicians. Well, nothing new because I could expect anything from the Italian scene and these things always happened but not for this I cannot say I’m not angry with the fucking labels who don’t believe in metal.

However, this short output is great if you are searching for a type of brutality that takes elements almost from everywhere. When “Raping the Virgin” enters, we can already find a bit of melody in the riffs, while when the mid-tempo begins the style is more canonical and bound to the classic American scene. The vocals are ultra low and maybe this is the only thing I don’t like that much because sometimes they suffocate a bit the riffs. Few sections are a return to melody and this is just to increase the satanic atmosphere as some death/thrash restarts take dominion gain. The guitars are just massive and really devastating for their crunchy tone and the drums are clear cut on their blast beats.

We go on with “History Losers” and the atmosphere of pure decadence. The tempo is at first very slow with odd guitar lines but soon the intensity goes up. The drumming is more various and soon we reach again the blast beats, supporting the devastating riffs. The bass is hammering behind this tornado of violence and we can always meet calmer sections in which the lead lines express their melodic style even if we never exceed. This is not melodic death metal. “Pig Dog God” features quite catchy riffs by the beginning and the classic bass drums fast sections. The tempo changes become more technical as we go on and maybe this is the climax if you want to hear good duets and incredibly various sections.

The last “Immortality” starts off with hyper fast blast beats and in general this song is terrifically brutal and suffocating. Everything is dark as hell but also brutal and with a desecrating atmosphere. As always, the more mid-paced sections are the most evocative ones and they are perfect to add something more to the classic brutality. All in all, this is a very good effort by a band that deserves much more and I hope they’ll come back soon!