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Fatuous - 40%

cetacean, December 26th, 2017

This may be old news to some readers but while digging into the genealogy of this bizarrely-named duo it became apparent that the Taiwanese BDM scene to which it belongs consists of maybe a dozen musicians inventing new names for themselves and playing on each other's albums. I was less than enthused to see that this iteration shares a vocalist with Coprocephalic - a band whose second album I vaguely remembered as having several moments of genuine creativity ruined by lousy vocals.

So how does this album pan out? Basically the same as above except without the creativity.

The vocals are hardly unique in their badness but might as well take first consideration. "Mary" Wang's voice is basically just one uniform pig-squeal with precious few nuances except for the difference between squealing and... not squealing - like the buzzer on an old electric dryer when you press the button without setting the timer. I'm not hating on pig squeal vocals as such, as there are some bands employing it very effectively today (*cough* Abominable Putridity *cough*) - just that it's a style that gets really annoying really quick unless you employ at least a few clever devices and this guy doesn't know any of them.

To be fair the other half of this band - aka Kai Lee on guitars - does possess a modicum of talent. There are a few moments (and by few I mean very few... 2? 3?) where he lays off the otherwise endless chugging and slamming to play a vaguely Slayer-esque riff, and equally scarce instances where he punctuates the monotony with precision pinch harmonics. But such glimpses of musicality are as rare as specks of imitation nutmeg in one's holiday egg nog, and equally bland in a white and creamy sea of "variations for one string and four frets."

If it wasn't already obvious, the compositional technique of this pair is basically non-existent. It's literally just chug, blast, slam, chug, blast, slam, repeat. Again, just like the pig squeals, there are legitimate ways of making this "brutal" style with its limited palette of colors interesting - only these guys don't use any of them.

Production wise, it sucks as you might imagine. Sampled drums with bad samples, irrelevant bass guitar, unnecessary bass drops, vocals too high, mastered with a Soundgoodizer plugin (probably). If this were released 10 years ago it *might* have merited a 50%. In 2017 it's merely subpar and unremarkable.