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A Promising Black Metal Horde - 80%

Skarnek, June 18th, 2013

What I really like about this one happens to be what I also really cherish about bands like Gorgoroth and Enthroned. There's a heavy focus on mournfully melodic riffing spread throughout this whole piece of work, yet backed by an undeniable sense of pure, hateful fury. This is something to value in black metal, as there is nothing so equally horrifying and beautiful as the pristine being raped by bloody swords of vengeance. There's a natural equilibrium there that exists in life itself without fail.

The vocals sit atop this demonstorm with a majesty that only monolithic warrior kings with villainous intent would possess in stories, cinematic or literary, to proclaim damnation on the terrified recipients of their wrath. Some listeners more hungry for tradition might find the varied and moody tones of this vocalist to be offsetting, desiring a more monotonous high rasp that other bands more typical in sound would use. But it's this emotive performance that truly sets this one apart, riding victorious upon the blackened ruthlessness of the aforementioned melodic-yet-intense riffs.

Tempos are definitely accelerated, as is to be expected in this form of metal; yet it doesn't ever become tedium to the ears. There's plenty of variation to keep a seasoned fan of the style interested and on their toes.

Vibes (as I'm all about mood in metal) here are cold, emotive, and shadowy. There's a good bit to feel and envision when delving into the songwriting of this promising black metal horde. I see very little need for a change of sound or method, yet feel that there is plenty of room for them to grow and become even more oppressive as time travels on. So sit back, close your eyes, and dream with the soldiers of the underworld...