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Always... - 100%

Starkweather222000, December 18th, 2011

Tough review. The toughest review, actually.

This is the first Fates Warning album I ever listened to, over a full decade ago. I'm gonna make an effort and review it as objectively as I can, but don't expect miracles. I've cried my heart out more times than I could possibly remember with this album.

The way I see it, this album is paired with the next one (Inside Out). Not that it does not stand on its own as a beautiful work of art, but if you have listened to and liked "Inside Out", there is no possibility you won't love this-and vice versa. "Parallels" is probably the most "easy" and accessible Fates Warning album out there, and that is its own shining and brilliance. It's far less complicated and prog than "Perfect Symmetry" or "A Pleasant Shade of Gray", but the "keeping it simple" spirit works perfectly as it transmits the feeling in wholeness. Some people say the band maybe tried to add some marketing to the product, maybe sell some more copies. I don't think this was the point. Probably and in my humble opinion, it's much more trying to express stuff in a way that the listener would focus more on the feelings and the meanings, rather than on weird time signatures or techniques.

"Parallels" is a non-prog progressive metal album. That means, you don't have to be a weirdo progster in order to appreciate its beauty. Maybe you don't even have to be familiar with metal at all. The message is as simple as it could ever be, and it is open to you (us) all. Some of the greatest Fates Warning songs are included here, such as "Eleventh Hour", "Point of View" and "Life in Stillwater" (steady setlist selections up to the most recent tours), as well as some kind of hidden treasures like "Don't Follow me" or "The Road goes on Forever". As for the lyrics, need I say anything? Maybe I should if you have never listened to Fates Warning before: Pure poetry. There is no possible way you wouldn't be touched lyrically by this stuff, trust me on this one.

An excellent choice if you are to enter the magnificent journey that Fates Warning is all about, as well as the most precious lifetime companion even for the most experienced and demanding music fan out there. This album was always the first pick out of my shelf, in all situations. I know I'm never gonna be over it. But I don't mind. Because after all, feeling is what matters, and feeling is the middle name of this album.