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Do Not Enter! - 20%

Human666, October 7th, 2011

'No Exit' is an album that truly made me suffer. This is probably their most incoherent, pretentious and forgettable album to date. 'Ray Alder' appears to be a decent replacement for 'John Arch', they got the same operatic vocal tone and a high range...but that's the only decent thing going in this lifeless record. This album is an overlong weave of generic power chord transitions that goes nowhere alongside the eerie droning vocal melodies for a despairing length of 40 minutes.

We start with the title track which is a silly interlude that sums up the whole idea of this blunt album very concisely: Nothing. Except for the pretentious try at composing progressive track (a.k.a 'The Ivory Gate Of Boredom'), there is absolutely nothing going in this album but dumb guitar riffs and dull vocal melodies. It seems like Jim Matheos couldn't write a memorable riff even if his life were depend on it. 'Anarchy Divine' sound like an error. Too many riffs that are just simply boring and has no value. They are just there supporting the meandering vocal lines that searches so bad for a catchy theme to rely on and fail. The next trio of tracks is exactly the same: riffs without edge and vocal lines without any catchy moments that create a dumb musical vacuum.

Finally, we reach the magnum opus of this horrifying album: 'The Ivory Gate Of Boredom'. In this overlong and insufferable lengthy 22 minutes track, 'Fates Warning' embarrass themselves while trying to compose a progressive epic such as Rush's 2112. They probably didn't received the memo that progressive music doesn't mean predictable and repetitive transitions between clean and distorted guitars through monotonous riffage and artificial acoustic interludes, because this is what this absurdly stretched filler is.

Accidents happen, 'No Exit' is a good way of proving that. This whole album is a big accident. 'No Exit' is an awkward shitload of interchangeable riffs that goes nowhere. This is probably one of the most boring albums I've heard and considering the fact that Metallica released '...And Justice for All' in that same year and managed to accomplish what this album failed to do (progressive thrash album), it's also a futile one.