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Fate's Hand - Fate's Hand

You have used up all your power. That wasn't very smart, Angemon. - 68%

Demon Fang, June 26th, 2023

Fate’s Hand’s self-titled EP shows a band who’s got the potential to go the distance. The self-titled track comes on with this insanely hooky lick throughout and the accompanying riff gives it the strength to fight 300 strong. It’s about all it’s got as the vocals… provide about the right kind of ambience without really standing out and the drummer keeps a solid beat throughout. But the riffs? Fuckin’ mmm, this is some good shit. Then we get to “Fascination” and… okay, the main riff sounds pretty similar to the lead throughout “Fate’s Hand”, but it’s rendition here gives it a beefy vibe. This song definitely puts the “epic” in their “epic heavy metal” tag as the guitars soar ever so high that they lend towards a compelling overall composition. These two songs have very similar motifs and it’s really only the riffs that stand tall, but it’s the strength of the guitars overall that allow them to craft some big and strong melodies. Then “What’s Been Will Be Again” and…’s the same fucking riff.

I guess I can’t hold it too much against them as it is a very good riff, but – along with how similar the other riffs are to what are used in the first track – things do end up sounding eerily similar across the board. “What’s Been Will Be Again” and “When the Wolf Comes” are certainly respectable tracks in their own rights, but because of how overly similar if smaller they sound to the first two tracks, they lose that bit of bite and scale that they could’ve had. Still, if nothing else, it’s a bunch of little things that stop this promising EP from truly going the distance. Things like the songs sounding like 95% the same, the vocalist not really reaching those highs and the limited riffset take what could’ve been a sick epic heavy metal album and turn it into a merely enjoyable beefy slab of heavy metal.