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Fastter=Thrrash! - 75%

Werewolf, December 18th, 2009

Fastter is a new Chilean (formed in 2007) Thrash band and “Underground Defenders” is a brand new Chilean label and that’s the debut release for both of them. From the outside – it’s a very nice looking, totally pro printed, both sided tape. As for the musical content – here you get 23 minutes of solid Bay Area style Thrash, inspired by the long gone days when bands like Exodus, Metallica and Forbidden didn’t suck. 4 out of the 5 songs are original and written in Chilean and the last one is a greatly executed cover of Onslaught’s “Fight with the Beast”.

Basically it sounds well done for debut demo music wise – these guys wrote some great, memorable riffs here and every one of them knows how to handle his instrument, but unfortunately the recording sounds blurry and most of the punch of this music is lost because of it. If you turn the tape loud and listen to the music carefully – it’s clear that this band has a higher potential than most of nowadays LA retro-thrash bands and I hope that next time they record anything – the sound quality will fit the music more and it will sound as strong as it’s intended to be.