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Horrible name, good band - 78%

Lacrawl, September 2nd, 2004

This is not a song by song review but I do list the highlights of the album.

Farmer Boys. Wait a second. Farmer Boys? That's the name of a metal band? What is it? Bluegrass metal made by drunk hillbillies on John Deere tracktors? No. The Farmer Boys are a gothic metal band. A pretty good one, too.

Yeah, I found out about Farmer Boys when I watched "Here Comes The Pain" video on Monsters Of Metal. Pretty good, pretty catchy, I thought to myself. So, I decided to buy this album used since I really wasn't sure what to think of it. I was surprised when it came on. The opening song is truly great. As soon as a new song comes on, the tempo changes up a lot. That's a good thing about Farmer Boys. The always change up. They don't let you sit there while being bored to tears.

So, I continued listening. This album is very good. The guitars are down-tuned and heavy and the keyboards are atmospheric and eerie at times. Mattias Sayer(lead vocalist) is not a high-range, classic metal screaming vocalist. But, he is still good. He has a good voice. It is nice, soothing, and clear.

Well, what are you wating for? Buy this album the next time you see it sitting there at a CD store. You might be surprised....

Really Good Songs: For The World To Sing, Like Jesus Wept, Once And For All, The Other Side, and Trail Of Tears