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Bad ass gothic metal - 95%

Xim, June 28th, 2009

The Farmer Boys eh? Not a name you'd expect for a goth-metal band now would it be? Well this is their first album, this won't be a song-by-song review but just for the over-all sound for the album.

To start off it's gothic metal with a lot of groove metal influence. The singer does a lot of the typical post-thrash style singing that you'd hear from Robert Flynn from Machine Head. The guitars and drums borrow a lot of styles from groove metal, with the heavy riffing and guitar solos. Warning though is that there is a quazi nu-metal sound to some of the songs, but it's not enough to ruin the music.

What mainly gives the songs their gothic and dark atmosphere is the gloomy keyboard use, featured throughout the songs. Most of the gothic sound is within the chorus of the song, where his singing becomes much more melodic, while in the verses his vocals are more gruff, but some songs do it vise-versa.

The lyrics is what reflects the band's name. The songs are all about life on the farm, and farm animals but it reflects the "darker" side of it all. The first song is about a farmer raping "it's" mother. I enjoy the use of the word "it" to describe the rapist farmer as it rightfully dehumanizes the character. Another song is about torturing chickens.

Also featured on the album is a metal-flavoured cover of "Never Let Me Down Again" by Depeche Mode. I've never heard the original before, but it's a good song, and features a female guest vocalist which adds a good contrast to the song.

So if you're looking for something both dark and gloomy and really bad-ass and hard-edge sounding, I'd defiantly recommend checking this album out.