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Farasu - The blackmoon eclipse - 40%

Phuling, April 23rd, 2008

The intro sounds like it’s just been taken from an old Nintendo 8bit game, completely missing the aim of generating an atmospheric feeling before the “real” music sets in… And when it does it’s with a cool opening riff, and I’m actually quite positive towards what I’m about to hear. But it sure falters in delivery as the horrible vocals gets going. Awful clean vocals, horrendous power metal shrieks and terrible growls. I keep praying the torture will stop, but what do you know – it doesn’t! Musically it’s a pretty decent mix of heavy and thrash metal, but presented with a terrible sound quality. Mostly mid paced, but with some cool breakdowns every now and then to keep it interesting. And the energetic guitar work from time to time, combined with the double kick drum pounding is what keeps me listening. The bass is pretty much a goner, I’m not even sure I can hear one at all. I can’t really comment on the lyrics since they’re all in their native tongue.

As I said earlier the sound quality is just awful. The entire end result falls flat ‘cause of it. And the exceptionally annoying vocals buries it in the dirt.

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