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Noisy but perfect - 95%

niggurath, October 20th, 2007

What can I say, this is one of the greatest albums that I've ever heard. It has it all, describing it in one word, "amazing". From the beginning to the end, it drives you into a chaotic world, of, stunning riffs, the synchronization of the band members (all their live and studio performances are just PERFECT) and of course the entertaining and awesome voice of Mike Patton, trying to show us in several songs that his range of voice can vary at any time.

First of all, "The Godfather", a kickass drumage, maybe the most brutal musical attack that I've ever heard in an avant/garde album. The riffs of King Buzzo sharped as a knife. The noisy voice of Patton giving us crazy screams but in the end he finishes the singing with an opera voice, really amazing. Then comes "Der Golem", a nice Fantoma's adaptation, here we can actually see the real power of this band, with chorus included. "Experiment in Terror", a catchy song, in our minds we can see Patton singing under the rain with a cigar, nice song. "One Step Beyond", for the lovers of The Twilight Zone and all of those crazy shit TV shows. This song with "Night of the Hunter" are the most weird stuff in this album, this both songs can blow your mind away. Then we have "Cape Fear", with a nice beginning of King Buzzo's riffs, then the song changes into a childish but at the same time an evil musical experience, a classic. "Rosemary's Baby", one of my favourites, we can hear in this song Patton going with the "la la la" part which is very nice to hear, but at the same time very diabolical (remembrances of C. Manson comes to my head), a classic too. "The Devil rides Out" and "Spider Baby" are both great fillers/songs of the album. The first one is instrumental but still good, and in the second one we can hear how Patton tell us stories 'bout goblins and ghouls. "The Omen", one of my favourites movies of all times, so it was a pleasure to hear it. We see how Patton starts the song with this "Sanguis, minimus, corpus, animus" thing and how Buzz then enters with his powerful riffs, actually this song give me the creeps, perfecto combination of sound/noice. "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" a dark and evil song, compare with the other songs of this album we can see that this is a dramatic song combined with a lot of darkness, one of the best. "Vendetta" and "Investigation of a Citizen above Suspicion" (Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto) are bizarre songs, ok, Vendetta is weird, but, Investigation of a Citizen is the shit! I mean it has it all, noice, sharped riffs, vocal skill, the drum and bass sound like hell, in the end I thought that I was actually going to die, pretty fucking awesome song. "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me" and "Charade" are the last two songs of the album. I'm a fan of Lynch's movies so the song of Twin Peaks it was just awesome, creepy Patton voice, a nice piano sound, a whole variety of new sounds, one of the best. And Charade, what can I say, great sounds, you guys will have to hear it, an excellent GRAND-FINALE.

So, this albums is a true gifts to all of us, a gem, a treasure. The band member are R E A L musicians, a great talent that flows.