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Holy fucking Shit - 100%

kbry76, April 23rd, 2004 friends is one of the greatest albums that has ever had the opportunity of being put in my CD player. I dont need to explain my love and respect for all of Mr. Patton's bands and everyone else's side projects that is in this band. I will just put my respect and love for them into this review since it orchestrates it very well.

First off, the Godfather...kickass movie..even better song. This song starts off with an eerie violin intro for the first 30 seconds and then it goes into this BRUTAL riff by King Buzzo and PAtton presents this incredibly sick and somewhat comical scream. This makes you want to fucking kill someone. Lombardo presents nice drumage on this particular song and it really adds to the mood. Around 1:20 it goes into this very strange waltzing-like part where Patton is singing some very weird stuff that you cant Quite makeout. Overall a great song, a classic.

Der Golem, the intro to this has a great bass riff that is complimented by a nice guitar riff and some bells or something in the background. Patton utters something at the beginning very low and it is fucking evil, then he starts screaming really high for the chorus. Another great Fantomas song here.

Experiment in Terror is one of the more poppy and catchy songs on the album. The first verse that Patton sings is very catchy and it almost makes you snap your fingers in beat with the symbols presented by Dave. The Chorus picks it up a notch with a heavy guitar riff and another sick effort of screaming/growling/shouting by patton (whatever you want to call it) Another killer song here

I am going to include 2 songs in this particular paragraph. One Step Beyond and Night of The Hunter are two VERY weirdass songs. PAtton's vocals on each will make you fucking laugh yet blow you away. Great fillers.

Cape Fear is the next song and the opening guitar part by Buzz is KILLER. It sounds so evil and death-metalish. Patton compliments this riff EXTREMELY well with a high pitched singing part. It really adds to the overall riff. Patton can really hit the high notes in this glorious song.

Rosemary's Baby follows this song and it is one of the most recognizable tracks on the album for me. The beginning starts off by Patton singing "la la la la" in this very cute yet evil voice. As the song progressess Sheer terror is unleashed in part to Patton's insane vocals, Buzzs' killer riffs complimented by Dunn and Lombardo's shredding. Very very good song.

The Devil Rides out and Spider Baby are two other great fillers on the album. Spider Baby is some evil halloween-esque song where Patton is singing about goblins and the likes. The Devil Rides Out is another one of those crazy songs where PAtton unleashes all he has in his vocal chords and makes for a good listen.

The Omen (Ave Satani) is one of my favorite songs on the album. Patton starts the song by eeriely singing some lyrics I cant understand and then it Buzz turns it up with the distortion and Patton turns his voice up as well. It then shreds into this killer thrashy riff where everyone is unleashing pure brutality. Patton strains his vocal chords once again in the chorus. Amazing song.

Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer is my favorite Fantomas song of all time. The gong at the beginning by Lombardo is so fucking evil and dark. It presents this super creepyass mood to the song. Around :39 they tear into a brief riff complimented By Dave's superior drumming skills once again. Buzz has this sick guitar slide after this part which is then followed by Patton singing in his signature high yet evil voice. The song ends with brutality as everyone tears it apart. KILLER SONG!!!

Vendetta and Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion are two really freakyass songs. Vendetta acts as a perfect filler while Investigation is some fucked up song where Patton's amazing vocals (once again) make the song.

Twin Peaks and Charade are the last two songs on this album and they are both very well written songs. Twin Peaks features Patton's high creepy vocals with a very low riff by Buzz. The chorus is chaotic. Charade is a perfect closer that ends with a bunch of people screaming and applauding..couldnt ask for a better ending.

To wrap it up, this album is one of the greatest albums i have ever listened to. A true gem for all of those in the avant-garde genre and all of those who are fans of any of these artists. The talent that flows through these musicians is unbelievable and I must say that Mike Patton is the greatest singer EVER. Pick this up, NOW!