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Utterly Original and Downright Amazing - 90%

Colonel_Kurtz, April 7th, 2003

It seems Mike Patton has a way with music. The just refuses to stop putting out music after music, forming band after band. It seems with the demise of Faith No More came the offspring of many new original Patton projects. Fantomas is my favorite so far. Features Lombardo on drums, Dunn on Bass, Buss on guitar, and Patton on vocals we have ourselves a super-band. I feel it is also safe to call this one of the most original acts to ever surface. Their first album was 30 tracks split up like a comic book. This time the band has covered scifi and mystery themes. They all come out sounding downright amazing. "The Godfather", although not scifi or mysterious, is a basic butchering of a classic song. Yet it comes off sounding great. Patton's vocals switch from the hymming melodic to the death growl screaming right back to the hymming. "Der Golem" features a more formatic approach to a Fantomas song. You can almost hear a chrous in this one, but it is still a basic anti-commercial song. "Cape Fear" has a more mysterious overtone to it featuring Patton's vocals as the main instrument. However, there is no denying the drum work of Lombardo who adds a jazz feel to almost all these songs giving them strong musicianship.
Of course there is also some humor to be found on this record. "Spider Child" features a jazzy loop that is over clean Patton vocals. The lyrics are humorous singing about ghouls and ghost. Obviously from some b-filmed horror movie.
Overall this is a strong album by a very strong band. Not easy to listen to at first, but the rewards are amazing. This is a trip for your ears. Accept and be prepare for an amazing journey through b-films and classic horror movies.