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WTF?? - 50%

caspian, May 5th, 2005

Having heard various people sing this record's praises, and being a big fan of Mike Patton's work in General, I thought I'd just go ahead and buy this album, without previewing any tracks. I should've previewed some tracks, because this is one of the weirdest things Mike has ever put his voice too. It's also one of the worse.

To get a good feel for this album, just throw around some metal riffs (some which are pretty decent, there's no doubt about that.) Add some weird sound effects, and get Patton to Babble insanely other all the tracks. While this kind of formula might work well for a 20 minute EP or something, It does not work for a full album. The riffs are all fairly similar, and while Patton does do some absolutely amazing stuff, from ultra high screeches to brutal growls, the fact that he doesnt sing a single lyric really drags this record down.

So in conclusion, this record is a joke. Incoherent Gibberish, random guitar playing and no structure. The only thing that saves this record from a complete and total panning is that the Vocals are full of "How the hell did he do that" moments, the guitar riffs are occaisonally good, and the drumming has the occaisonall great bit. Get this if you're a huge Patton fanboy, otherwise, avoid like the plague.