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Following the footsteps of Deathspell Omega? - 86%

nilgoun, December 18th, 2011

False is the first output of the eponymous band and it offers 25:16 minutes of playing time which is distributed nearly equally on both tracks. The played genre is relatively clear and should be defined as black metal, although there are some doomy or slightly progressive passages as well. To give a general orientation, you have to name bands as Deathspell Omega, although some other influences are shining through which could remind you of bands like Drudkh which can mainly be traced back to the synthies.

Both songs are played in upper midtempo and are offering mainly ambient touched black metal. There are some major black’n'roll influences and because of those influences it’s really easy to follow the twelve minutes playing time per track. Really easy? Well, there are some passages which offer the exact same scheme over a long distance which can get a bit lengthy from time to time, but besides that you can’t really say anything bad about the composition, as there are some unexpected passages as well.

The orchestration is exact to the point and full of variation (of course except the aforementioned passages), especially the drums are a sheer delight. The vocals are opaque but they sound slightly ritualistically evil and that suits the record really well. It would be better, if the vocals were in the foreground sometimes, but the production in general tries to forge a unit, and so the sound is really compact. Besides this compactness it’s well done, although there is a slightly dirty touch to it.


The first lifesign of False is a really good output which shows that the band can compose and play varied and that they know, what they are doing. Everything seems to fit together, as the black’n'roll passages harmonize with the dark ambient parts full of thrashing. The biggest flaw are the monotonous passages which follow the same scheme over several minutes without variation, and it would have been great, if they had shortened them. As you can get the record via “name your price” on the bandcamp side it won’t hurt to risk an ear though.

Originally written for hhtp://

What a beginning! - 89%

Bogfind, September 2nd, 2011

Ok, first of all, I've never heard about these guys before and I've always been full of prejudice towards American black metal. And, well, I still am, but I figured I should give False a chance since The Needle Drop recommended them. I don't regret that decision.

The looks of the album is not particularly black metal. The front pic is a sort of nature-wiccanesque nocturnal meditation image, and I haven't seen the rest of the album because I choose to download it after having heard half of the first song. One gets to choose price oneself at the Gilead Media site, which is a very nice touch. I bought it for $10, guessing that it was a good price in the local currency.

The musical style is clearly black metal. My first impression is Deathspell Omega trying to imitate Mayhem's inhuman “Ordo ad Chao” with a Gaahl on a leash on the vocals. Drudkh comes to mind as well.

The production is dirty and nice, but sadly not as dirty as I would like to see it. The album only contains two songs, but both are of epic length, and both are as unpredictably as they are cleverly structured. Impressive! It would be nicer if the soundscape was a bit more varied, because I imagine the band wanted that effect rather than the slightly monotonous punishment they are delivering. The vocals are excellent and as evil as it gets, but they are mostly drenched in the music. I would like to hear at least a keyword here and there.

It's obvious that the band is extremely skilled and really loves the genre. I feel that as well. The love is contagious, and I find myself wanting to (be able to) play the many formidable tremolo pickings or the splendidly expressive drumming, which is a less ferocious version of Frost (Satyricon, 1349, etc). I enjoy my self immensely while listening to False, and I love it. But. Black metal. Spreading love?

I am impressed by this album and I really recommend it. It will grow on you, no doubt, and it's perfect to have on repeat thanks to the long and complex songs. But there is a problem which prevents me from going past 90%. The album is a bit like, eh, black metal jamming, and it does not feel as a serious attempt to conjure darkness. I think the band members badly need personal problems.

But, oh baby, the riffs are good!