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Potential - 50%

AntiJoe88, October 2nd, 2007

“Contemplation of the Forgotten” starts out with some post-rockish intro, with very gentle acoustic guitar and whispered vocals. It's very reminiscent of Agalloch. This lasts for about two minutes and twenty seconds, and then a little bit of electric guitar is added, and the drums play a heavier beat, but because of the production the only thing that sounds more intense are the vocals, which are in the background also, adding a little extra atmosphere. There is a short guitar solo, and then the vocals come back in with some extra death metal-esque vocals to the left of the black ones. It's not that bad of a track, but like the rest of the album, it needs developed.

The next track, "Retracing Our Lineage" is much better than the first. The guitarist shows off a little bit of his chops and the vocals and beat work very well in this one. The only thing that ruins this one is the blast beatings two minutes into the song; they are sloppy and sound out of place. But then it breaks into a really cool bridge with a nice riff and then a softer passage. It repeats again with the good vocals and beat, but it is again ruined by the out of place blast beats, and you can tell the drummer is wearing out at the end. That’s really the only thing wrong with this track.

The opening riff in “The Winter Harvest” reminds me a lot of Dimmu Borgir, and from there it takes us again into an Agalloch-esque acoustic passage. This is easily the standout track.

The last song, “To Witness Existance as a Subservient Entity”, seems like a purposeful second part to the first track, with the vocals more to the side then in the middle. Its atmosphere is very bleak, and the vocals are bleak and startling. The spoken vocals give a very nice touch to the second half of the song.

Falls of Rauros has the potential to be the next big thing, and Window of the Eye has the potential to be the next folk-metalhead favorite, but they need to develop a little more.