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One day we’ll build upon the ruins of this dead wo - 80%

ultraviolet, July 30th, 2012

The so-called ‘atmospheric’ blackmetal seems to be right on track lately. Falls Of Rauros with their tolkien-ish name and their pagan beliefs return, three years after the amazing “Hail Wind And Hewn Oak” record, to preach against the modern werstern civilization that leads this planet straight to extermination.

In “The Light That Dwells In Rotten Wood”, they choose to keep the lengthy tracks, only this time fewer in number (just three), which combined with another three short interludes limit the record’s running time but gain in consistency. With the guitars always in blackmetal motifs and the melodic bridges enhancing the folk aspects of the music (in the veins of pioneers Agalloch), the changing of rhythms (from slow to mid-tempo and backwards) and mood give a narrative tone to the compositions of F.O.R. And peaks such the one near the end of “Banished” (“one day we’ll build upon the ruins of this dead world”) can at times send thrilling chills through the spine.

This record is equally addressed to blackmetallers and followers of the folk/atmospheric (but not pseudo-gothic!) sounds. And now, with the substantial coming of autumn, load it in whatever portable music player you possess, head for an evening walk through your nearest park and feel the odor of damp wood emerge. Maybe returning to nature isn’t such a naive option anymore?

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