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dizzying twin guitars - 91%

odradek, January 27th, 2007

The twin guitars employed on "Evanescent, Everfading" work ceaselessly, constantly shifting from intertwining lead melodies to dark chord progressions; they may double one another for a stretch, peppered by an occasional harmonic divergence; then in an instant switch to counterpoint. No melody ever stagnates on this album; quite the opposite, trying to follow each dynamic theme is a pleasurable challenge.

The tempos are fairly steady, anchored by solid, sometimes understated bass and drum lines. The drums are especially low in the mix, and occasionally laced with tasteful fills, complementing rather than competing with the guitars. Indeed it's the balance between structure and chaos that makes this album special. The guitars' unpredictable melodic explorations are grounded by a stable rhythmic framework that keeps the listener from getting completely lost.

The vocals are a bit quiet, mostly delivered in a gravelly death metal style, with some spoken sections, and overall more aesthetic than functional as they seem not to adhere to a strict meter. The lyrics read like despondent poetry, but with the guitars decorating every stanza with trills and embellishments, the album has a decidedly upbeat feel.

Fall of the Leafe has gone through drastic style changes over the years, and their new material bears little if any resemblence to this work. It's well worth the effort to hunt down "Evanescent, Everfading"; listening to this album is a unique and enjoyable experience.