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Everinteresting, Everbeautiful - 100%

flowergatherer, April 27th, 2006

I was absolutely carried away by this wonderful music! It`s Fall of the Leafe second output and absolutely awesome!

Finnish atmospheric melodic death metal with black metal elements (AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SWEDES, NOTHING!!!) simply shocks with its stunning arrangements. This work is much more mature from musical point of view to their first cd (Evanescent, Everfading) that was too sweet and lacked heaviness slightly. Here they got the ruff metal edge back again not only retaining the trademark melodism but improving it further.

MUSIC IS VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! Generally it is mid-paced but there are a lot of faster parts so you`ll never get boring. Atmospheric feeling comes from
leads that are the main driving force of every song, acoustic guitars are wonderfully inserted into slower passages and perfect drumming erupts into hyperfast blastbeats. Vocal parts are trully scaring. It`s a combination of black and death vocal lines put together that sound more like black anyway. There are moments of clean singing from time to time to dissolve the atmosphere. Needless to say that the production is brilliant!

What do you think these guys sing about? All the common subjects for such kind of music are certainly not involved at all. Lyrics are very abstract and remind more thoughts of a person expressed on paper. They really need some insight or guidance into. Probably only Tuomas Tuominen, the singer, can reveal the true sense behind them otherwise i doubt you`ll ever solve the puzzle.

If you get this album you`ll gain twice or even thrice from music. Money you`ll spend on it is nothing in comparison with the sensations to experience. Starting with the cover art and finishing with the contents Fall of the Leafe contrived to provide you with perfection in everything
about this release.

I guess the best time to listen to the music of Fall of the Leafe is a late evening on the threshold of night when all day worries are far away. Relax, muse, think about something distant and let the music take you on a journey into your own personal August Wernicke...