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FALLOF THE IDOLS - The Seance - 88%

CorporalCarnage, February 2nd, 2009

Gloomy, atmospheric Traditional Doom Metal that is by no means to be taken lightly. Hailing from Tornio in Finland this Doom sextet's new release "The Seance" [Released through I Hate Records] is quite simply put a force. A force to be reckoned with no less, but then when a band packs three guitarists you know you're in for a culmination of pure noise slingshot violently into a groove laden repetoire that will make the earth move around you like an unexpected earthquake of unbridled fury and animosity. It isn't just about the crushing riff-age though. Fall Of The Idols produce superb harmonies to give their sound an undercurrent, a deep seated melodic flow that grips and ensnares throughout the duration of this epic sounding leviathon! Add on top of all this music flair the haunting vocals that dwell in the centre of Fall Of Idols and you have one hell of an ominous sounding oppression maker. Although not the bands first release and not even their first album, with talent like this you know instantly that they will go far! "The Seance" is a release that envokes emotions throughout and although pretty much all performed at a sluggish pace you never get bored or tired of what Fall Of The Idols have to offer. Not that this band don't change things up a little as is proved in the thrilling "At The Birth Of The Human Shadow" which ups the tempo whilst still staying true to the bands style and sound. This is pure unadulterated Doom from start to the very finish [Finnish?] and should surely serve notice to all that Fall Of The Idols are pure Doom heavyweight contenders and one definetely for the future!