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Fucking Crushingly Emotive - 88%

AnInsidiousMind, May 25th, 2008

Fall of the Idols have finally released their sophomore album, entitled The Séance. The band plays a slow paced traditional doom metal that has a soothing, gloomy atmosphere to it. Fall of the Idols have three guitarists which makes them incredibly heavy; with the three guitars, the band can create harmonies on top of their crushing doom riffs. The melodies the band creates are addicting and fit perfectly together, and they mesh nicely throughout the album. Finnish people somehow know how to make things sound so fucking brilliant, in any style; the Séance has everything a great doom release needs, the riffs, vocals, and song writing. The album is slow most of the time, but picks up a few times. The song, At the Birth of the Human Shadow, is the fastest Fall of the Idols song I’ve heard, yet it is still sounds like them. In a lot of traditional doom metal the vocals are high in the mix, but in the vocals on here are brilliantly put right in the middle with the guitars. The vocalist does some great vocal melodies and he sounds like he’s singing from a cave of pure emotion. My favourite part of this album is definitely the emotion put behind it. The listener can easily feel the how much effort and time was spent into making this album.

This is an all around great release by Fall of the Idols from the song writing, riffs, and atmosphere; I think it surpasses their first album. If Fall of the Idols continues to improve, they will easily take doom metal by a storm.