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Falkenbach - Promo '95

Raw Brilliant - 95%

I_Of_Forever, April 15th, 2006

Legendary promo tape, recorded more than decade ago, when Vratyas was still living in Iceland, is the one of the fewest demos which are known to Falkenbach's fans (but are not so easy to get). It contains only two demo-versions of some old tracks, which are both available on Falkenbach's debut album "...En Their Medh Riki Fara..." (the newest version of the first track is also appears on the latest Vratyas' album "Heralding The Fireblade"). So let's begin...

The promo srarts with "Laeknishendr" ("Healing Hands"), which is based on "Sigrdrifumal" saga of Edda. It's a typical demo-version: very raw, unfinished in some way, a brilliant which still needs facetting, but already now shows its great potential. Although scaldic vocal is still quite timid here, the screaming one is more than furious and full of hate. The athmosphere created created by guitars, keys and a sample of rain in the middle of a song is really impressing. This version of the song is a bit more longer than album's one because of the more slow tempo in some parts.

Number two, "Galdralag" ("Magical Poetic Metre"). Aaggrrhh, Ave Satani! Starting with a roar of thunder this one is literally splashing with the hate and spite! Appeased samples of seagulls are replaced with typical black riffs driving you mad. Personally I like this version even more than the album's one.

The only lack of this tape is a poor sound quality (see the rating), but, believe me, the quality of the music itself is worth enough for getting with rarity.