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Falkenbach - Eweroun

... Bach's has bite? (No witty title this time!) - 90%

Pale_Pilgrim, May 22nd, 2013

Oh yeah! Falkenbach is back, sooner than most fans have perhaps become accustomed to. Yeah, it's just a single, but what a single it is. This song is bloody awesome. Get your chainmail fitted and longsword whetted, it's about to get medieval up in here!

I've been a Falken-fan for about 6 years and hold Falkenbach high on my list of favorite metal projects. There's no song of his I can name that I outright dislike. While 2011's Tiurida was a solid but slightly disappointing release after a long wait for new material, it had enough quality material to keep me excited for future output. The release of this track proved to be a great pay-off for the unwavering optimism.

"Eweroun", in terms of over-all stylistic approach and production, sits somewhere between Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty (my personal favorite) and Tiurida (a slightly heavier brother to the former). Those familiar with Falkenbach's back catalog will note that these albums are quite different from the other 3 full-lengths, as both are lacking in the blackened, rugged attitude and instead opt for a slower, melodic folk/doom atmosphere. This song makes good use of lamentful-yet-triumphant clean vocals, acoustic guitar passages (leads and rhythms), slow electric guitar/bass lines and straight drumming with a deep kick and crisp cymbals. There are some pretty keyboard notes twinkling away during the first half of the post-chorus, which follows into a gorgeous acoustic lead lick that will hook you in from the first time you hear it. The vocal lines are quite catchy on this song, very emotionally delivered. The lyrics, which I think are in old Icelandic, are sung clearly and confidently. Really on the mark. The over-all mix is a little more organic-sounding here than on the previous album, again feeling very akin to the Ok Nefna album.

Falkenbach fans know what to expect here, though may still be pleasantly surprised by "Eweroun". It's the little things that count, and this track, while as bold and pronounced as ever, does contain the subtleties that a great track should have - it's just a cool song at first, then repeated listens open it up and show you why - it's wisely conceived, smoothly executed and a testament to years of experience and dedication. There's a reason this guy doesn't throw out an album every year or two, and it always pays off. Highly recommended.