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This was considered a bad release? - 91%

SirMichaelJ, September 13th, 2006

OK. So for any Falconer fan, this release would seem like an utter devastation. The new vocalist, the adding of more power and less folk, and the fact it doesn’t sound like Falconer.

Then one has to ask themselves, "Did they slowly progress into this? Or was the band simply not going to sound the same without the original vocalist?" The answer is the latter half.

Nearly every band that has changed a vocalist, especially power metal bands, loses what a lot of fans love. The vocal harmony just gets offset by the rest of the band. You could slap another name onto this band, and anyone would love it. Any power metal fan anyhow. This is not a bad release by far, just a release unexpected by Falconer fans. While others shunned the group, Grime Vs. Grandeur, made me like the band even more considering the change they endured.

As for the music, it ranges from heavy, to power, with some folkish parts, but nowhere near as heavy as previous releases.

Some select songs are Humanity Overdose, Power, and Child of the Wild.

Humanity Overdose is quite catchy track. A falsetto choir composed of a women’s voice, and what I hear as a couple of men. Its one of the longer tracks on the album, and is what Id consider to be the single off the album. This is one of the few songs that harkens back to the older days of Falconer.

Power. You will hate this track at first. I did. But then it grows on you. And when it does grow on you it will become one of your favorite, if not favorite tracks. It’s a little standard in terms of song structure. But they add a bridge after the second chorus, and a solo after the 4th. It will grow on you, anticipating the next part, and on. This is another long song that clocks in around 6, so be prepared for a listen.

Child of the Wild is the most unique Falconer track Vie heard. This is what I hoped the band would sound like on Northwind, their latest album, and since I’ve heard that recently I can say with conviction, it does not. Child of the Wild offers up the best vocal performance by Karl Kristoffer Göbel. As much as I’m glad to see Mathias Blad back, this song is what I really hoped would carry on to Northwind. The Mithoytn style guitars. Pounding double bass. Soaring vocals. Folk choirs. Hell even some 80's style vocal attacks, are just a few reasons this song is a great closer and one of Falconers best

Check this album out if you’ve never heard them. And if you have heard them listen to it anyways, cause its still rocking power metal.