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KayTeeBee, May 2nd, 2005

Ah well, here it is, the new Falconer. To be honest, I wasn't really anticipating this album. All I had heard before was "Tales From A Vale Forlorn", and the only song I liked on it was "The Clarion Call", and most of the songs dounded like the same, after all. I really couldn't tell why, if it was the tone, or just because the riffs were all the same, but the whole album didn't impress me as a whole. Well, their fourth album, Grime Vs. Grandeur, isn't amazing, and it still gives you that this-is-all-the-same" feeling. I already knew what to expect after the ending of "Emotional Skies", a song which sadly gets the prize for cheesiest song of the year so far, if not of the new millenium.

The riffs Falconer provide aren't bad at all, they just sound the same. All of them. This is basically what they do when they find a "new" riff: 1: Play the riff
twice. 2: Add faster drums and add harmonized guitars. 3 (Optional): Add a melody. Very cheesy melodies, sadly. There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing happy music, but this sounds like Hard Rock at times. The vocals are still as sappy as ever, and I giggle every time he takes his "evil" voice. As for the drums... they're exactly like the riffs. They don't compliment the music nor do they insult it, but some originality would greatly be appreciated, especially since they play beats that have been played hundreds of times already.

This album might be enjoyed by those who like melodic/hard rock or those who want the sappiest "Metal" in existence, but for everyone else who wants originality in their metal, and want to hear stuff that hasn't been played a bunch of times the same band. Better stay away from this album, folks.