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Falconer - From A Dying Ember - 90%

Orbitball, October 17th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2020, CD, Metal Blade Records

I didn't think too much of this album until I heard it enough to make a formal opinion about it. It's quality! So sad to hear of their departure from the music community upon release of their album. They really had a great career that spanned about 30 years. I worked with Stefan on the guitar tab "Upon The Grave of Guilt" which made it official. The fact that he took the time to correct it was very kind on his part. And it goes to show you what a pleasant band to write about. This one is another one that goes into the about an above average release. As I say, it took a while to listen to until I felt the vibe on this.

The vocals are all clean by Mathias which isn't any different than any Falconer release. The riffs are invigorating and mindful. I like the melodies and leads. All 11 songs are killer. I liked every one of them and I thought that they were well worked out by the band. The vocals go well with the music. The guitars are way melodic. And there were some clean points mixed with piano (brief). I don't think there's a Falconer release that I dislike. They all are monuments. And Stefan kills it every time on lead. His performance is nothing but incredible. It's a shame that they wrapped it up for good with this release.

The production quality is sublime. It does the music justice. And the mixing, too. I'd say the highlights of the album are the tracks that show the utmost diversity in musicianship. The guitars are pure Stefan-related. He really does a powerful job with the writing here. Nothing but perfection! I think that these guys are and always will be at the top of their game. This one I like as much as 'Black Moon Rising' and 'Among Beggars and Thieves'. The music (I think) is the most noteworthy on this one rather than previous releases. It just simply shreds all of it. I think that they really left the scene on a positive note.

Check this out on YouTube because it might not be on Spotify. There's nothing but perfection on here. The whole album just simply rips. When you hear track 1 you'll probably say "oh yeah, I hear what he's talking about." I think that the legacy that Falconer left is for the next generation of folk metal to become of another. There will never be another Falconer, they are in the archives now with the rest of retired bands that left the scene on a good note and with another monument. It's sad that this is a reality, but they've chosen other pursuits in life to challenge them, thank you Falconer, thank you.