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Ensiferum is not pleased - 55%

The_Boss, November 5th, 2007

While this music has its moments where I really do enjoy it, this basically is a demo that takes Ensiferum's entire Viking inspired guitar attack dabbling in folk elements and atmospheric influences that try to give this a more epic feel. Falchion seems to fall back into the lake of generic bands that swim ashore but don't always make it to land. They have their spots of brilliant music but in the overall picture their impact is not memorable or entertaining.

Glory of the Sword plays off the elements Ensiferum uses in songs like Hero in a Dream, Tale in a Dream and Goblins Dance by have a very prominent lead guitar attack of melodic solos and crunchy riffs. But Falchion fails where Ensiferum wins; Falchion's vocals have a black metal feel that makes the music harsher and the vocalist certainly is nothing special sounding once or twice like Korpiklaani's vocalist but more often for a gruffer version which doesn't work at all.

Most of the music is fairly generic and bland with the exception of the lead guitar. I enjoy his work very much finding myself entertained by the often neoclassical influenced soloing found in the track Folk in a Golden Town - being the best song on the demo. It's an instrumental piece where the guitarist has the ability to flaunt his skills with highly melodic soloing and picking. Good stuff, if the rest of the demo was like this I would have enjoyed it more. The other 3 songs on this demo are full of mediocrity and boring rasps. Nothing memorable from those whatsoever with the exception of the guitarist.

Skip this demo unless you're looking for anything remotely influenced by Ensiferum or this style of Viking/Folk metal. Other than the first song it's rather worthless. If you're going to try to play off that style that Ensiferum mastered, at least try to do it right.