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Please Never Record Anything Ever Again - 2%

SnowVixen, July 2nd, 2004

Sounding like a mix between standard Finnpop flowery "black" metal, generic synth based "folk metal" and really awful generic "viking" metal, this band manages to be a shining example of what's wrong with folk, black and viking today.

First off, I'll elaborate on what I mean by each subgenre.
Finnpop flowery "black" metal, essentially sounds like Cradle of Filth or Ancient, with a few tweaks, and often has the most juvenile synths imagineable. Lead guitars abound, as this is from Finland, and the vocalist often sounds like Dani Filth. Well, this band has all those aspects covered.

Synthy "folk metal" is usually, pretty much power metal with extremely repetitive keyboard/guitar leads that "sound Celtic" and "viking", in a lot of cases, seems to mean "tremolo picked black metal using major chords and containing solos". Hey, they cover those too!

Now, this band manages to take these various subpar forms of music and make them even worse. A number of their melodies are the most generic and annoying I've ever witnessed. Their guitarwork is sloppy and simplistic, relying heavily on tremolo picking and generic Finn-leads, with not a single original idea used. Of course, I can't leave out the obnoxious synthesizers, but at least they don't do lazor solos.

This band exists as an example of what a band should never be, and I urge all aspiring viking/folk musicians to listen to them and try their best not to do anything like this. Last I checked, folk and viking were supposed to be a little more personal than "Durh, let's sound like Ensiferum" or just playing poppy black metal with an excuse to solo. This band exists solely because of current trends, reeks of genericism, and manages to suck while doing it. If I wasn't clear enough... Falchion, I hate you.