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Good - 70%

Sargon_The_Terrible, January 27th, 2008

Now I have seen some pretty harsh reviews of this, a demo from this Finnish band who are just this year getting a proper debut released. But in truth I think this is an impressive demo, and I can see why this band managed to land a deal so fast. Falchion play melodic folky Black Metal, and actually I think Mithotyn would be a good comparison to go by, though their guitarwork is not quite as inventive. The melodies are actually quite good, and though the overall vibe is pretty mellow (as is usual with this kind of music) Falchion are a bit more propulsive and energetic than the norm. The production, musicianship, and overall tight performance are what raises this demo above the average, as all three are excellent for a demo recording. This is short, and not exactly groundbreaking, but it is a very well-done example of its genre, and I think their full-length debut will definitely be worth checking out.

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