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A Great Comeback Album - 86%

phillipbuzz, May 27th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Ipecac Recordings

This is the band's first album in 18 years. Most bands don't do a very good comeback album; Faith No More did an excellent job with theirs. This album sounds like some of their previous work but at the same time it is entirely different. The songwriting on this album was great. This album was much more progressive than any of their previous work. The album has moments that are fast and heavy, but there are also moments that are slow and very mellow. The album is actually quite complex with all the instruments specifically the guitar work, this really shows in "Separation Anxiety."

Mike's vocals on this album are experimental as usual. He does nice operatic singing and then he does some deep growling singing which is very prevalent in "Cone of Shame." His range really shows on this album. There are tracks on the album such as "Separation Anxiety", "Rise Of The Fall", and "Matador" where his vocals really stick out. The lyrics on the album are very silly. Pretty much the only serious song on the album is the title track "Sol Invictus." Even though the lyrics aren't serious they are very well written.

The production on this album was very nice. You can hear all the instruments very clearly and not one of the instruments is overpowering the others. This album is considerably mellower than the previous Faith No More albums but the album is far from boring. There are songs that are kind of upbeat such as "From The Dead" and "Black Friday." Then there are darker songs such as "Sol Invictus" and "Cone of Shame." It's a nice balance that keeps your attention. Sol Invictus is a lot more structured than albums such as "Album of the Year" and "Angel Dust." "Superhero" probably has the best structure on the album. The band feels very energetic on this album, especially Mike's vocals.

Overall, this is a great comeback album and possibly one of their best albums. I don't think that they could have done any better with this album. There aren't songs that are bad on this album; they're all very equally matched. I think fans of the album "Angel Dust" will like this album a lot, it has similar elements.