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Obvious cash grab + a terrible selection of songs - 26%

Primate, January 7th, 2018

The Real Thing became somewhat of a sleeper hit after the song "Epic" blew up on the radio in 1990 (a year after TRT's initial release). Suddenly, Faith No More went from being this weird new wave-ish punk-funk band into some kind of terribly awkward hard rock boy band. This was not entirely due to the band's music, but rather the boyish good looks of a young Mike Patton.

To capitalize on FNM's new found (and, as it turned out, short lived) fame, their label rushed out this lazy cash grab package. Essentially, they just culled a few random hit TRT songs from an equally random concert, and slapped on two unreleased b-sides at the end. My major gripe with Live at the Brixton Academy is how there are no songs from either Introduce Yourself or We Care a Lot. I mean, the live performances are more than passable, but why would someone want to listen to live versions for half of the The Real Thing when a studio version exists.

On the other hand though, the two TRT era b-sides are actually quite good, I prefer the half-happy/half-tormented alterna-metal of "The Cowboy Song" over nearly anything from The Real Thing. "The Grade" is a weird acoustic ditty that is sure to give one impressions of traveling through the countryside on a warm summer day. These b-sides help ensure that this release isn't completely worthless, but it is still very barebones (a few more b-sides like "Sweet Emotion" or "New improved Song" could have helped).

All in all, this is quite an overhyped release among Faith No More fans, perhaps due to nostalgia.