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Obvious cash grab + a terrible selection of songs - 26%

Primate, January 7th, 2018

The Real Thing became somewhat of a sleeper hit after the song "Epic" blew up on the radio in 1990 (a year after TRT's initial release). Suddenly, Faith No More went from being this weird new wave-ish punk-funk band into some kind of terribly awkward hard rock boy band. This was not entirely due to the band's music, but rather the boyish good looks of a young Mike Patton.

To capitalize on FNM's new found (and, as it turned out, short lived) fame, their label rushed out this lazy cash grab package. Essentially, they just culled a few random hit TRT songs from an equally random concert, and slapped on two unreleased b-sides at the end. My major gripe with Live at the Brixton Academy is how there are no songs from either Introduce Yourself or We Care a Lot. I mean, the live performances are more than passable, but why would someone want to listen to live versions for half of the The Real Thing when a studio version exists.

On the other hand though, the two TRT era b-sides are actually quite good, I prefer the half-happy/half-tormented alterna-metal of "The Cowboy Song" over nearly anything from The Real Thing. "The Grade" is a weird acoustic ditty that is sure to give one impressions of traveling through the countryside on a warm summer day. These b-sides help ensure that this release isn't completely worthless, but it is still very barebones (a few more b-sides like "Sweet Emotion" or "New improved Song" could have helped).

All in all, this is quite an overhyped release among Faith No More fans, perhaps due to nostalgia.

The Real Show! - 90%

Wacke, March 5th, 2008

I'm not usually a big fan of live albums even though it's when the bands perform live when they are as most powerful they can be. I think you need to go and see the band live in person to get it right but FNM have made it really good here. Everyone know Mike Patton is a great performer live not just with his crazy clothes and stuff but also with the singing. He never sings as he does on the albums but you have the albums so you don't really need to hear the same vocals live. Mike really goes for the total "funny and entertaining frontman" possition and he's defenitely my personal favorite performer when it comes to live shows (and overall too).

The album couldn't have started better than with "Falling To Pieces". We havn't heard that song too many times live since Patton didn't like to perform it live (I don't know why). The next song off is "The Real Thing". That one feels kinda strange to put out as the second song but who cares, it's a great song and it's great live aswell. After that we get to here the classic "Epic" and later the somewhat booring Black Sabbath cover "War Pigs" (I like B.S. though) to be followed by "From Out Of Nowhere". The only song not taken from "The Real Thing" album is "We Care A Lot" and that one might aswell be the strongest track here. It has such a great energy and is a really great live staple. We also get to here "Zombie Eaters" and "Edge Of The World" before the real treasure here is introduced. The last two tracks are studio recordings from "The Real Thing" sessions with the first one called "The Grade". It's an instrumental track by Jim Martin playing on a banjo and it sounds like "Cowboy Jim" has some great ideas for some nice "swing-along" instrumental tracks. The last track called "The Cowboy Song" is easily the best. It's one of the best tunes FNM have ever done and I wonder why the hell they didn't put it on "The Real Thing" at first. I can promise that if they had done that and then released it as a single along with the other singles, then "The Real Thing" would have sold a lot more copies.

The production is nice, I've heard better live recordings but it still sounds great. You can hear everything perfectly almost all the way through and the studio tracks have the exactly same production as the other tracks on "The Real Thing" does. Everything's almost perfect and there's actually nothing to complain about.

The cast is on top here. This was also released as a live-video and I guess that if you watch that you'll see what a power FNM had when they performed live. Mike Bordin and Bill Gould are crazy on the drums and bass while Roddy Bottum and Jim Martin are cool as hell on keyboards and guitar. The real shining star are Mike Patton though. He's just the perfect frontman and he's funny energy makes the whole thing perfect like the dot above the i.

So finally to my last comments on this almost excellent live-album...

Every track is awesome. If you put it in you listen to everything because the energy gives such a great feeling inside. The most interesting track here have to be "The Cowboy Song" though. It's a great song and it's a mystery why they didn't place it on "The Real Thing" at first.

I highly recommend this album, it's from FNM's golden years and it's some nice listening here. I think you'll enjoy it.

Check it out by the CD or get the VHS / DVD with the whole live show instead.