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Strong tunes, too weak vocals... - 80%

Wacke, January 12th, 2008

Well, it's not news for FNM fans that the lead singer of this era, Chuck Mosley, were not the best singer in the world. In fact, the band even took him back in '83 because they couldn't find any better. That's the bad thing with this album, but let's start with a little background of this album...

After their debut album "We Care A Lot" in 1985 they probably got that it sounded a lil' too much New Wave & less Alternative / Metal. On "Introduce Yourself" they found their music & you can hear a quite big difference musicially. This album is a lot heavier but still got those "weird" moments that was shown on their debut.

The album starts off perfectly with a pretty heavy track (for being them of the time) called "Faster Disco". The title doesn't scream rock, metal, alternative or anything they are at all but it's a pretty heavy & defenitely a faster sort of disco. Other tracks that makes this album good are "Chinese Arithmetic", "Anne's Song", & "We Care A Lot". The last two were released as the singles & the last of them became a minor hit & is a FNM classic today.

The production is also pretty good, not professional but it fits their music & it defenitely sounds better than their debut.

The band performs nice a this is by far the album by FNM that shows what a great bassist Bill Gould are. "Big" Jim Martin, Roddy Bottum & Mike Bordin are great here too but their 5th member Chuck Mosley drags this album down pretty much with his singin'. I don't think he's bad, but he isn't good either. There are some tracks that you don't even bother his singin' ain't so great, but all the time when you think of how it would have been if their later singer Mike Patton sang on it... You'll always blame Chuck for not being far as good as Mike.

Stand-out-tracks are: Faster Disco, Chinese Arithmetic, We Care A Lot, Anne's Song & Introduce Yourself.

This comparing between how much better Mike Patton is than Chuck Mosley will never end & it would have been awesome to hear Mike sing on it instead but... Still, this was Chuck´s gig & no one can take that from him.

Easy said, if you like FNM then this is defenitely a album for your collection even though the vocals sounds a bit "I don't give a shit about these songs!".