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Somewhat Better - 34%

Madman, August 11th, 2003

I first got into Faith No More about a year and a half ago. I bought all the Mike Patton albums and luckily found the first two Chuck Mosely tapes in my brother's tape collection. So I stole them for myself! It's good that I didn't have to pay for these casue they both suck pretty bad.

Here we have Faith No More's debut album for Slash Records. The band definitely improved with this one. It's a bit more listenable and has WAY better production. Musically the album is a little heavier. They still play funk rock for the most part though. Chuck Mosely still sucks, REALLY BAD.

Here the main songs I can stand are "Faster Disco", "Introduce Yourself", "Chinese Arithmetic" (a very nice guitar riff shows up in this one, fairly metal-ish), and the one song that shows up from the debut "We Care A Lot" (which sounds a lot better here than on the debut).

Definitely a better showing here but the problem is that Faith No More needed a vocalist who was better than average. Many of the songs rely on the vocal and Chuck Mosely has absolutely NO TALENT whatsoever. This hurts some of the songs and kills most of them.

Yet again, this is mostly something to listen to just so you can say you heard it. You can hear it and see how much the band grew going into "The Real Thing" with Mike Patton.