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Suprisingly good. - 80%

IHateMTV, September 25th, 2004

Before the legendary Mike Patton joined the group, there was Chuck Mosley. I was a little skeptical in getting this at first since I wasn't very familiar with Mosley's vocal style. I had heard a few songs of his, none of which I was a big fan of, but had to get this to add to my Faith No More collection. My opinion of Mosley hasn't changed at all. I still think it sounds like he was drunk when recording this stuff, and his voice is a bit irritating. The 'talking' parts at the beginning of songs like "Death March" are annoying, and the lyrics on most of these tracks are just stupid...certainly the worst I've ever heard on any FNM record.

So why exactly did I give this album such a high rating? Simply put, the rest of the band sounds amazing here. Unlike future FNM albums, this one seems to be bass dominated, as evident on the band's first minor hit, "We Care A Lot". I've always thought that Billy Gould was an amazingly underrated bassist, as his work really shines on this album. The guitars are some of the best I've heard on any Faith No More albums, and some of the choruses are downright catchy. The overall feel of this album sounds pretty dark, definitely not as dark as "Angel Dust", but more so than "The Real Thing".

If you're a fan of the band, this one's worth picking up.