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Their Introduction - 83%

Colonel_Kurtz, February 17th, 2003

Never before has such great music been tainted with such poor vocals. Chuck Morsley might be one of the poorest vocals I have ever heard. Sure, he beats the hell out of all those mallcore bands, but he is still a weak vocalist. Maybe I am being prejudice. After all, Faith No More did contain one of the most talented vocalists of alltime. But lets judge this one before Patton entered the picture...

Faster Disco is the opening track and like most Faith No More openers, this one starts off with a bang. The bassdrum opens this one up and soon the keyboards and everpresent bass on in. The music is just superb. The keyboards are without a doubt the strongest thing although the guitar-riff is also memorable. When the vocals enter they are not actually that bad. They just could be better, thats all.

Annie's Song is one of my favorites on this album and is actually one of Faith No More's best songs. I would rank this one in the Top 15 Faith No More songs. It has this great bassline throughout the song and even a singalong to it. A nice song that is based on the bass more than anything else. This is a song that could have benefited from better vocals, but it still sounds fine. Like I said, Chuck is not worst vocalist, he sure beats out that fag from Mudvayne, but he does leave something to be desired.

We Care A Lot. Need I say more? This was Faith No More's first hit. It was a minor. The song just has some of the most hilarious lyrics, but this only adds to the song. There isnt much to say about this one. It's just a song that shows the band's goofness but at the same time their strong musicianship. I've heard Patton sing this one live and have some live versions of it. When you hear Patton sing it, its like another song. Once again, the song is not ruined by Chuck's vocals because the music is so strong.

The Crab Song is the best song on this disc. It's just a classic Faith No More song. Starts out as a ballad, enters the metal guitar riffs, soon comes the rapping and you are just in a huge explosion. This song kicks ass even if Chuck is singing it. This song alone is worth the albums's price. A classic 6minute Faith No More album. Listening to this song you can hear how different the band was. No one was like this and the reason they really never hit it big except for The Real Thing is mainly because they were different. Overall, their majorlabel debut is a good one. One of the shorter Faith No More releases but a good one nevertheless. If Patton was singing these songs I would give it a 90. However, he doesnt and with the exception of live versions and As the Wurm Turns, Patton never really rerecorded these songs. Still, this is a worthy album and great introduction to a band that knew no limits.