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Faith Factor > 07-07-07 > Reviews
Faith Factor - 07-07-07

Classy USPM Sampler - 96%

Zod, October 23rd, 2021
Written based on this version: 2007, CD, Metallic Archangel Records

The 07/07/07 EP from Faith Factor serves as a sampler of their sound and style, released around a year before they would release their debut full-length album.

This album shows the gamut of what Faith Factor is about: metal sing-along anthems, darker USPM-styled head voice-screaming clinics, and keyboard-drenched power ballads. Each is done at a very high level, and they show that this is a band not merely aping styles of the past that they don't fully grasp. This is a band who wrote these types of songs decades ago and they know what it takes to make each style work effectively.

Immediately people will take notice of vocalist Ski's vocal range and proficiency. I think any fan of Rob Halford or Ripper Owens will appreciate Ski's amazing abilities. While impressive, we mustn't overlook the effectiveness of his bandmates in their contributions. The guitar riffs are very catchy and never over-done. I also particularly liked the drumming in "Deceiver", the heaviest track on the EP. "The Angel and the Butterfly" is a moving ballad that shows how well these songs can work, though they seem to be seldom written today.

I subtracted a few bands over a few minor issues, as I don't think any metal album is truly perfect and there is always something more to strive for. I think the lyrics could've been more effective for the message they are conveying, and I am unclear on what the metaphor of "the angel and butterfly" represents. On the same song there is also an awkward key change right before the guitar solo that should've been smoothed out.

Nevertheless, I think fans of Deadly Blessing, Judas Priest, and Jag Panzer would really love this EP.

White as snow. - 60%

Empyreal, November 17th, 2007

While Christianity might not be my choice lyrical subject, I'm willing to overlook such things if the band in question plays good music. Faith Factor certainly fall into that category, and this is some pretty cool stuff.

Fronted by Ski of underground US metal juggernauts Deadly Blessing, Faith Factor obviously has some experience on their side, and this isn't just a bunch of Bible-thumpers getting together to preach all over a demo tape or anything. This band plays traditional heavy metal through and through, and doesn't even try to be anything else, just chucking riffs out the ass throughout the rather short duration of this little disc. This isn't particularly aggressive, lacking the sharp bite and bark of some other stalwarts of the genre, but it isn't bad at all, making for an inoffensive heavy metal listen with some pretty cool moments here and there (especially on the half ballad "The Angel and the Butterfly," with its nifty little piano intro and melodious lead-work), and Ski's vocals are the obvious focal point. Unlike some of his contemporaries (hello Warrel Dane) he shows that he can still belt out the high notes, but he also utilizes a strong, healthy midrange here. The music is nowhere near Deadly Blessing's mindblowing speed assault, but it's not bad, although I wish it were a bit faster. The tempo here is pretty much midpaced all the way through; not much variation at all.

All in all, a solid, if unremarkable, disc from a band with potential. There isn't much of a reason to get it if you still haven't checked out the better bands of the US heavy/power metal scene, but it's not bad at all.

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