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Facelift Deformation – Cybernetic Organism Atrocities - 80%

TheMetalGamer, September 11th, 2019

You want heavy, like a Facelift Deformation heavy!? Well here you go, this is some utter sick shit. This is so juicy the groovy riffs got me banging hard at work when I heard this the first time, and I usually try to keep a low profile there! The band features members from Hong Kong and Taiwan which are also active in bands such as Gorepot, Maggot Colony, Fatuous Rump, Dimensional Decay and of course Virginity Fraud which all three members share. While I thought the latest Virginity Fraud album was a solid effort I think everything Facelift Deformation does is just on a whole other level. After their debut album Dominating the Extermination last year the band has been on every brutal death metal fans mind as that was one of the best albums in the genre last year. Already they got a new one in store for us!

Facelift Deformation still got those sick intros intact with all the gore and samples they had on the debut, actually there is even a bit more of that on Cybernetic Organism Atrocities. So if you, like me, think that’s something that goes hand in had on creating the right atmosphere for a brutal death metal album then that’s a big added bonus (maybe a bit too much of it, but I’m not one to complain). One thing that’s been the highlight in this band is the bass, holy crap does that get me going and Larry Wang is just a genious on creating the right groove for this kind of music. Spoiler, he got it on lockdown this time too! The sophomore slump people sometimes talk about is completely irrelevant to even discuss here as not only does Wang perform just as good as he has on his other project, so does the rest (I even think Randy Leung is a tad better here)! Best part is this album is actually quite a bit longer and overall just feels more complete than the debut it’s hard not to mention this album when someone asks me what the best brutal death album this year is.

The album is essentially a bit slower paced, but way meatier than before and that’s a pure win in my book as it just make the bass work stand out more. One may argue they would rather have the more straight to the point sound from the debut (they got those songs too though mind you) but I think this is a way for Facelift Deformation to stand out a bit more and play to their strenghts. See them as different beasts and you will go in with the right mindset. In the end I think Cybernetic Organism Atrocities is the right step to take for Facelift Deformation, a logical step for a sophomore album which isn’t a simple rinse and repeat job. Sure there are some things they can improve on still, such as it might be a bit too much of groove fest at times and using samples a few times too many but those are small things in my world. When the music hits you hard, with that said groove factor working so well along with the samples then it’s just nitpicking trying to find errors. This album is actually a bit easier to get into due to those elements, meaning this album might work as a great gateway for new people into the slam and brutal death metal world (just like I think Analepsy is). If I had to give my top songs those would be “Siege”, “Slaughtered and Infected” and the title track “Cybernetic Organism Atrocities”. All three got a different element I like making it differ which one I enjoy the most, meaning all three could feature on my favorite song section.

Cybernetic Organism Atrocities is easily one of the best albums this year with sheer brutality in mind along with Organectomy and Rendered Helpless who plays roughly the same type of slamming brutal death. Simple to like and get into on the very first note or bree. If this doesn’t get you wanting to hardcore mosh in your home I’m not sure what will.

Originally written for The Metal Gamer