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Sweden's Answer On Machine Head? - 93%

Wacke, May 26th, 2009

The first real feeling I got from this album upon hearing it was that it sounded like these guys was, or could've been a great Machine Head cover band in their formative days. I also later found out that they formed as Machine God. I don't think there's too much speculation from where their inspiration comes from. But anyhow, these guys weren't maybe groundbreaking, but they did in fact do some good metal music. I guess that this album could pretty much be described as a follow-up by Machine Head with different singer, 'cause they're very much alike. Another great thing I love with this album is that they've got "audio warfare" as they call it, which basically is keyboards. It gives the tunes the right athmosphere and it can probably remind a little of industrial metal as well. All of the songs are heavy as hell and some are slower while others are faster. Some songs, mostly "One Eyed Man" and "Save Me, Kill Me" are like ballads with heavier and/or faster parties. "Hatred" is a song that pretty much catched everything this album's about. It starts off heavy and mid-fast and goes into an epic mid-section before ending pretty damn aggresssive. The most important about the album is probably Marco Arco, the singer (later in The Haunted, yes). The guy has gotta have some angry feelinga inside him since he screams the hell outta his loungs. The production is pretty nice, could've been better but it could've also been worse.

In it's whole I think the title "Mindfield" lives up to itself. This ten-pack of "post-thrash" explosives is defenitely of my recommendation. Also, if you're a fan of bands like Machine Head, Exhorder, Pantera, Lamb of God etc., and it'd actually turn out that you like Face Down ... Then check out the Swedish band Brainwave and their album "Outstretched". It's the same deal as this one. Enjoy!